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March Meeting Highlights

Facility Spotlight

Austin State Hospital, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (ASH-CAPS)

Bed Capacity: 28

Diagnoses/Mental Health Conditions seen:


• Depression, Major Depression

• Conduct Disorders – Oppositional Defiant Disorder

• Substance Use Disorder

• Self-injury / harm disorder

• Mood Dysregulation Disorder

• PTSD from abuse/neglect

• Eating disorders

• Autism spectrum disorders & IDD

We have been delivering blankets to ASH-CAPS since December 2000 when we dropped off 33 blankets. Since that day, we have delivered to ASH 166 times, totaling 4,275 blankets.

Thank you!!

We received a note from APH Neighborhood Centers which included the following message:

“Thank you so much for everything that your ladies do. We had a client come in to get a food pantry box who said that the blanket that we gave them is her son's favorite blanket and won't go anywhere without it. I don't remember the exact blanket but I believe that it had super hero's on it? (don't quote me on that). “

Show and Tell

Thank you very much for the Tuna Helper donations!!

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