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June 2022 Meeting Highlights

Delivery To Uvalde Update - A message from Stephanie

Hi all. I had a very successful blanket delivery to Uvalde yesterday. We managed to collect (and Greg and I managed to load in the car) 252 security blankets and an additional 12 weighted blankets for them. This brings our Uvalde count to 452 blankets in 9 days. Amazing!!

Our contact Diana was a Linus contributor when she lived in Burnet county and is working directly with the CASA office in Uvalde which is managing all of the grief support in Uvalde. Diana is going to let us know when they are running low and we’ll load up again.

The reporter from KXAN asked me during our interview, how we were able to collect a full month’s worth of blankets in just over a week. I told her Linus blankets are like the loaves and fishes. They just start to multiply when you give them away.

Thank you all so much for your support and hard work. You are all the best!!

Stephanie Sabatini

Executive Director


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