Friday, October 30, 2020

Viewer's Choice Spotlight: Jeanne Toewe

2020 Virtual Challenge Winners!

This week, we'll be celebrating our wonderful volunteers by featuring one Viewer's Choice Winner per day. Please enjoy this spotlight and the little extras shared by our winners!

Thanks to Osie for taking photos of our winners with their quilts & blankets.

Today's spotlight is Jeane Toewe, one of our Pieced quilt winners!

Here's what Jeane has to say about her quilt:

The mermaids in this quilt were made using the Aloha Mermaid pattern designed by Sanchia Gain.  I designed the crabs and fish from pictures I got on the internet. I planned the layout so the crabs and fish were swimming with the mermaids. 

Note from Jennifer: I tried to find a link for the Aloha Mermaid pattern but was unable to find a current one. If you know of one, please email and I will update this post.

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