Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Meeting, Show & Tell

Camp Quilts
It's that time of year again! We began our annual collection of Camp Quilts at our March 2013 meeting. Please remember that the camp facilities can only accept quilts because yarn and fleece blankets like leaves and twigs a bit too much! During Camp Quilt collection, we will continue to provide quilts, yarn and fleece blankets for distribution to our usual recipient other facilities. Camp quilts need are larger sizes for school-aged children, ages 7 - 17. Thank you to everyone that donates every month and for helping to make camp quilt donations possible!

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Upcoming Linus Sew Day

April 6, 2013
9 am - 4pm

The Stitching Studio
12411 Hymeadow Drive
Austin, TX 78750

The next Linus Sew Day will be Saturday April 6, 2013 from 9-4 at The Stitching Studio. Bring your sewing machine and your lunch!  Kits will be available and we will be making new kits  for future Sew Days. Rather play with yarn? Keith will be on hand to help you with crochet!

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Each month after Show & Tell, we present free, short demonstrations of blanket making techniques to our volunteers. If you have a fun pattern, some tips or other blanket-making ideas you'd like to share, please email Jennifer.

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  • April 2013 - Crochet lessons with Keith
  • May - TBA
  • June - TBA

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Hobbs UPC Codes
If you are a quilter or know any quilters, please save your Hobbs batting bags or UPC labels and either bring them to the monthly meeting or mail them to us at The Linus Connection, P.O. Box 29491, Austin, Texas 78755. Please also ask any quilting friends you know to do this as well. We really depend on this batting to fulfill our deliveries each month.

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Show And Tell
Blankets were shown and donated on March 16, 2013. They are not necessarily being shown by the person that made them. 

We encourage you to join us at our monthly meeting and participate in Show and Tell at 10 a.m.
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 photo 060_zps1d2db578.jpg  photo 059_zps3a49bd9e.jpg  photo 058_zps657257b4.jpg 
 photo 057_zpsa4016a81.jpg  photo 056_zps372167ab.jpg  photo 055_zpscd3ff70d.jpg  photo 054_zps13db2076.jpg  photo 053_zps35ed3cd0.jpg  photo 052_zps6dd821a5.jpg  photo 051_zps142e1d97.jpg  photo 050_zps3b4e7290.jpg  photo 049_zps942e80cb.jpg  photo 048_zps96a07d15.jpg  photo 047_zpsa40c6dfb.jpg 
 photo 046_zps274872bf.jpg  photo 045_zps8005e34b.jpg  photo 044_zps7ccc72bc.jpg  photo 043_zpsa649ab5f.jpg  photo 042_zps63cd0b0c.jpg  photo 041_zpsa1cd0c9c.jpg  photo 040_zps57433a80.jpg  photo 039_zps8fbf4aa8.jpg  photo 038_zpsc9254571.jpg  photo 037_zps5ac05aa4.jpg  photo 036_zpsb29734f5.jpg 
 photo 034_zpsf86c0c37.jpg  photo 033_zps8cc9bdcf.jpg  photo 032_zps62b08a44.jpg
 photo 031_zpse834b569.jpg 
 photo 030_zpsb3cb7a18.jpg 
 photo 029_zps977ef2dd.jpg  photo 028_zps00e133aa.jpg  photo 027_zps2b505c52.jpg  photo 026_zps58ff1049.jpg  photo 025_zps0ebb6215.jpg  photo 024_zpsabc18e35.jpg  photo 023_zpsa4ce28d5.jpg
 photo 022_zpsb1750b2a.jpg 
 photo 021_zps6d79e8bb.jpg  photo 020_zps5702bba3.jpg  photo 019_zpsa6063a74.jpg  photo 018_zpsc10f4e23.jpg  photo 016_zpscad46490.jpg  photo 015_zps6f0940c9.jpg  photo 014_zpse7595750.jpg  photo 012_zps64ad199c.jpg  photo 011_zps97016673.jpg 
 photo 010_zpsaccf1fef.jpg 
 photo 009_zpsebe72821.jpg  photo 008_zps37ddc4af.jpg  photo 007_zps15f98489.jpg  photo 006_zpscf7f3d94.jpg  photo 005_zps2dbc4171.jpg  photo 004_zps6725938e.jpg  photo 003_zps2fb34531.jpg  photo 002_zpsde9e3130.jpg  photo 001_zps08a0262a.jpg

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The Linus Connection    P.O. Box 29491    Austin, Texas 78755
The Linus Connection is a Federal 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. 


  1. We make such beautiful quilts and yarn blankets for the children. I'm glad I'm part of this generous group.
    Sharon Weaver

  2. There Beautiful!!! Wanda