Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 2011 Meeting, Show and Tell

Hobbs UPC Codes
As many of you know, each month we travel to Waco to purchase Hobbs batting at a greatly reduced charity rate.  In the past they have required 5 UPC labels per batting roll purchased in order to be eligible for this program.  They are now requiring this again and prior to the April meeting we found ourselves completely out of labels.

If you are a quilter or know any quilters, please save your Hobbs batting bags or UPC labels and either bring them to the monthly meeting or mail them to us at The Linus Connection, 4007 Varner Court, Austin, TX, 78732. Please also ask any quilting friends you know to do this as well.  We really depend on this batting to fulfill our deliveries each month.

Camp Quilts
We are continuing to collect camp quilts in addition to our normal monthly blanket collection.  Please remember that the camp facilities can only accept quilts.  Yarn and fleece blankets like leaves and twigs a bit too much for distribution at camp. We will, of course, continue to collect yarn and fleece blankets for distribution to other facilities. Camp quilts need to be made in larger sizes for school-aged children, ages 7 - 17.  Thank you to everyone that donates every month and for helping to make camp quilt donations possible!

Each month, The Linus Connection offers a free short demonstration to our members. If you have a technique or pattern you'd like to share or you have a question about presenting a demo, please contact Jennifer. We're currently scheduling demos for May, June and July but if you'd like a later date, we're happy to add you to the demo calendar!

Thanks to Ellie Brady for giving Linus a little publicity by submitting an article she wrote about or organization to her neighborhood newsletter! We need all the help we can get to fulfill the needs of our recipient facilities. Please consider following Ellie's example and submitting an article about The Linus Connection to your own neighborhood or church newsletter.

Show And Tell; Demo
Blankets were shown and donated on April 16, 2011. They are not necessarily being shown by the person that made them. We encourage you to join us at our monthly meeting and participate in Show and Tell at 10 a.m.   A free demo follows.

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April Demo: Tumbling Blocks with Becky

The Linus Connection    P.O. Box 29491    Austin, Texas 78755
The Linus Connection is a Federal 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

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