Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canyon Creek Elementary Quilts

Canyon Creek Elementary School classes chose The Linus Connection for their "Pay It Forward" Charity during the 2009-2010 school year. Each class chose a theme and colored muslin blocks that were turned into beautiful quilts. Our thanks go out to the students, teachers, and parents that helped!

These blankets were quilted by Linus Connection volunteers and were distributed at the July 2010 meeting.

Captions indicate Teacher (Grade) Theme

Bates (K) Water / Fish

Huttenhewer (K) Water / Fish

Riggins (1st) Western

Ogle (1st) Western

Flott (1st) Insects

Riggins (1st) Insects

Bates (K) Trains

Benoit (K) Trains

Pena (2nd) Insects

Benoit (K) Party

Palmer (2nd) Birds

Ogle (1st) Dinosaurs

Desjardin (2nd) Hearts / Flowers

Kohls (1st) Dogs / Cats

Clark (K) Trucks

Greiner (2nd) Nautical

Desjardin (2nd) Nature

Huttenhewer (K) Dogs / Cats

Palmer (2nd) Hearts & Flowers

Greiner (2nd) Hearts / Flower

Kohls (1st) Bugs / Flowers

Clark (K) Dogs & Cats

Flott (1st) Dinosaurs

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