Monday, December 21, 2009

December 2009 Show & Tell, plus meeting Announcements

IKEA bags, filled for delivery

Saturday was the beginning of a new era in delivering our volunteers' wonderful blankets!  Thanks to IKEA of Round Rock, Linus deliveries will now be made easier (and eco-friendly!) with reusable blue IKEA bags.  Thank you IKEA!  For those of you that deliver our blankets, it's important to let the facilities know that we will not be leaving these bags when the blankets are dropped off.  The bags are marked "Property of The Linus Connection" on one side and have a vinyl pocket for delivery information stitched to the other side.   Bags need to be returned to Linus each month so they can be used again, and again!

A Big THANK YOU also goes out to the kids and parents of Naumann Elementary for their hard work and donation of fleece blankets.  We received lots of beautiful hand-tied fleece blankets through Naumann, all of which went out with Saturday's donations.

Crochet Pattern
There were lots of oohs and aahs over one of the afghans during show and tell.  (It's marked with an * in the photos).  It's the Project Linus Star Shell Pattern and is available for free via this link.

See more quilts and blankets "live" at our Monthly Meetings!

Show and Tell

Blankets shown were donated December 19, 2009. They are not necessarily being shown by the person that made them!

We encourage you to join us at our monthly meeting and participate in Show and Tell at 10 a.m.

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