Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome to the Linus Connection Blog

Hello all and welcome to the first Blog of The Linus Connection . As you may know, I am Stephanie Sabatini the Executive Director of the Linus Connection. Ten years ago I started the Linus Connection (formerly Project Linus – Travis and Williamson counties) with a handful of dedicated ladies. Today we have over 400 volunteers providing thousands of blankets every year to children in need, at risk and hurting in Austin and all surrounding counties every year. This blog is for all you!

I’m hoping to use this blog (in place of our dearly departed newsletter…) to keep everyone informed about what’s going on with our group, the special requests of facilities and basically everything Linus!

Since this is the first blog, I thought I’d share some information on one of the very first places we donated to: Cricket’s Closet at the
Brackenridge Specialty Clinic.

Located within Brackenridge hospital, the wonderful team at the clinic serves many of the youngest and poorest expectant mothers in our area. They provide these women and girls with some of the only baby gifts they will receive including a blanket from us.

I recently received a thank you from one of the nurses which says it better than I ever could. Here it is: “We are very grateful for your generosity of work, time and love. The work of your hands really brings warmth and joy to the expectant moms and their babies. Inevitably each time we give out a blanket, they are amazed and surprised that they are hand made with lots of love. It gives us great pleasure to hand these blankets out knowing that without them some of these babies would not have so much comfort. Thank you for giving us the privilege to make our moms happy as we distribute your warmth and love. It is especially moving when moms tell us they do not have anything for the baby yet, and one of your blankets is the first thing they have, what a great start. These babies are blessed to have you in their lives even though they will never meet you. Thanks again from us but most especially from all our moms and their babies."

Hope you enjoyed reading this, now get back to your blankets!

The Linus Connection    P.O. Box 29491    Austin, Texas 78755
The Linus Connection is a Federal 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

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