Saturday, October 15, 2005

October 2005 Challenge and Birthday Celebration

On October 15, 2005, The Linus Connection Celebrated our 6th Birthday and 1st Annual Quilt & Blanket Challenge!

We welcomed many visitors, including our Challenge Sponsors, Dianne from Honey Bee Quilt Store and Pat from Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe, several of our Recipient Facilities, KEYE News and the Williamson County Sun.

On this special occasion, we held our First Annual Linus Connection Challenge.



Winning Yarn Blanket by Rehka Nadkarni, shown by Pat from Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe and Rehka

Winning Quilt F27 by Ellen Carter, shown by Dianne and Osie from Honey Bee Quilt Store

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Cake donated by Mrs. Rehka Nadkarni
We were happy to welcome Recipient visitors (l-r) Christina from Austin Children's Shelter, Angel from Settlement Home and Pat from ASH-CAPS (Austin State Hospital - Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services).

 Our Commander In Chief
The Linus Connection would not exist without Stephanie Sabatini, and that's a fact! She is the tireless mind behind our existence. Congratulations to Stephanie on 5 wonderful years of providing comfort to children through blankets!



It's never all play for The Linus Connection! We still had blankets to sort - an astonishing 430 were turned in, a record for us! There were also labels to sew and blankets to fold! We welcomed a group of Camp Fire Girls and had some of our regular younger volunteers with us.


Our First Annual Quilt & Yarn Blanket Challenge


Yarn Blankets

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